Krabi Boats 8

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One Wednesday as I was walking through the market I heard my name being called. I looked left and right, but all I could see along the pathway was a sea of faces wearing masks. As I looked more closely at peoples eyes I was able to make the transition from merely seeing people wearing masks to recognizing each person individually as they came closer to me.

Is evangelization urgent? Should we try to set specific goals to reach the areas we live in? We feel God calling us to set a goal to reach each home of the 40,000 people in Phrom Khiri with the Gospel by the end of 2025.

Phrom Khiri

God doesn't let us get too settled in ministry. Angel and I adjusted from doing ministry as singles to doing ministry as a married couple and there have been many adjustments at in our ministry together as we seek to find out how God would have us minister most effectively in each particular season.




This past weekend my wife and I had the opportunity to go camping with 2 Thai families on-top of a mountain only 3 km from our house. This was only our second time coming up the mountain as it is a very steep hill, mainly accessible by 4x4, which is not the vehicle we have.