Krabi Boats 8

Have you ever wondered why missionaries need to spend so much time learning another language? Many people think that it’s simpler to just speak English with Thai people. “Surely enough Thais can speak English by now,” they say. “Why can’t we just share the Gospel in English? Even better – the smart phone translation apps are amazing these days! Can’t missionaries can just use this to communicate with Thais who can’t speak English?”  


translation2With this in mind, I thought I’d check out the latest version of Google Lens yesterday at church. I took a photo of one of the preacher’s points on the screen. Then I looked at this in Google Lens. The resulting translation? “Live a life that allows God to change.” Obviously something went wrong with this!!

A while ago we were watching a movie about Australia. After a while we decided to put on subtitles...the Australien accent was to hard for us to understand. As English is our second language, we sometimes find some of the English accents difficult to understand.

My husband went to watch a movie at the cinema the other day: unfurtunately no subtitles, just Thai.  Being in Thailand over two years now, it was still too difficult to understand most of what the characters were saying.

I was talking to a friend the other day and I realized that life would be so much easier if everyone would talk with subtitles appearing underneath the face...