Krabi Boats 8

Aunty Jariam loves to drive her motorbike, taking people to doctors’ appointments and caring for her neighbours’ needs. As a result of her love and care, she met Aunty Ieyad, who moved into her neighbourhood from Bangkok. This move was due to Covid and the loss of her son’s income from fighting in Muay Thai competitions, which was his livelihood; their move thus came with financial difficulties, and Aunty Jariam sought to help.

We were looking for ways to help people during the pandemic, and asked Aunty Jariam if she knew of anyone needing food. She immediately mentioned Aunty Ieyad. We put together a food parcel and gave it to Aunty Jariam to deliver. This simple food package led to a friendship between Aunty Jariam and Aunty Ieyad. Aunty Jariam would pop in daily on her morning walk to see how Aunty Ieyad was doing, and Aunty Ieyad could not understand why Aunty Jariam was so kind.

Over time, Aunty Jariam asked me to visit Aunty Ieyad and tell her about Jesus. We visited twice a month together to share Bible stories. I was amazed to hear how well Aunty Jariam was able to answer Aunty Ieyad’s questions about her faith and I encouraged Aunty Jariam in her ability to share the gospel.

Once churches could meet again, Aunty Ieyad began attending church regularly with Aunty Jariam. What a joy it was for us at the Christmas service when Aunty Ieyad accepted Jesus as her Lord!

Many Thai Christians feel unqualified to share the gospel, but are unaware of the way they can reach out to neighbours by using the gifts God has given them. Aunty Jariam has grown in confidence through this experience and is now sharing her testimony with her neighbours as she cares for them. She truly is a light for Jesus in her community. May we all strive to be lights in the darkness where God has placed us.