Krabi Boats 8

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One Wednesday as I was walking through the market I heard my name being called. I looked left and right, but all I could see along the pathway was a sea of faces wearing masks. As I looked more closely at peoples eyes I was able to make the transition from merely seeing people wearing masks to recognizing each person individually as they came closer to me.

This event started me reflecting on the masks that we wear. I am not thinking about the dull colored medical masks that we wear to protect ourselves from covid19, but rather our emotional masks. Most of us learn from a young age to adapt or to hide our true selves so that we are able to navigate the world we live in. We do this to protect ourselves and in turn we can cut ourselves off from the world so that we do not get hurt. However, in doing so, we often close ourselves off from authentic relationships and stay stuck in the wounds and insecurities of our past.

By recognizing and dealing with our own masks, we are able to start seeing clearly the masks others are wearing and helping them to remove these from their lives too. As these masks are removed healing and wholeness comes to us and to others resulting in joy and intimacy flowing in and out of our lives.

Do you try and pretend that you have everything under control? Do you hide your insecurities behind humor? Do you say yes, because you’re fearful of saying no. Do you dominate everyone around you with anger or your strength? Are you trying to control everyone? Have you withdrawn and become introverted because you feel no one is wanting to listen? Are you ready with the latest gossip so that you can steer the conversation away from your own shortcomings?

We all have our masks. I would like to encourage you to take some time to reflect on the masks you wear?

Thailand is known as the land of smiles. The longer I live in Thailand and get to know Thai people the more I have come to see that often the smile is the mask that is hiding fear. Thai culture is one where fear is evident in many ways, from the way they raise their children, to a fear of evil spirits, etc. At present many are fearful of contracting Covid. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to share with them about the freedom we have in Christ, that through Christ we are not enslaved to fear. Please pray that we will be able to use this opportunity well to help the Thais become aware of the emotional masks they wear and that through Jesus they are accepted and loved.