Krabi Boats 8

Is evangelization urgent? Should we try to set specific goals to reach the areas we live in? We feel God calling us to set a goal to reach each home of the 40,000 people in Phrom Khiri with the Gospel by the end of 2025.

Phrom Khiri

With just 10 local Christians to work with, it seems like a steep goal, but if God enables us to mobilize others to share the Gospel, it becomes quite managable. For the first year, we just need to have 5 people sharing the Gospel 2 times each week. If we do that, then 500 families will have heard the Gospel in the first year. Praying that there will be even just 1 in 100 that become disciples that share the Gospel, then there will be another 5 disciples who share the Gospel, doubling the missions force and doubling the amount of families we can share with. If God enables us to do this, and enables this pattern to continue, then we could see 15,500 families reached with the Gospel by the end of 2025, which is more than there are in Phrom Khiri. Obviously, this vision, even though seeming plausible on paper, it is still impossible if God is not in it and empowering us from start to finish. Please pray that we will rely fully on God and that He will bring it to pass as we believe that it is His vision.