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English Camp

Recently, we were able to host a short-term team of 8 people from our home church back in the U.S. Part of the trip involved having the team help us with a 2-day English Camp at a local school in Phrom Khiri. Since the agreement with the school and the emphasis for the 2 days was on English teaching, we weren't quite sure whether we would be allowed to share about Christianity as part of the camp. Would it be okay to share about Jesus Christ?

 Recently I started teaching English at our local Anubaan (kindergarten). I volunteer and teach there every Friday for a few hours. Partly, I am doing this because I miss teaching in a classroom setting and it is a lovely feeling to be back in a classroom, this truly is my happy place. But more importantly, I am doing this in the hope that it will foster relationships within our community.

What a joy it was to walk through the market on Friday evening and have many children point us out to their parents and to hear them tell their parents that we are teaching them English at their school.

Please join with us in prayer that over the next few weeks and months we will have opportunities to meet their parents and foster good relationships with them and ultimately have the privilege of sharing the Gospel message with them.


Steve home eng studious

The missionary life can be a bit of a rollercoaster at times, of hopeful opportunities followed by disappointments. But God always gives us some kind of encouragement when we need it! Our team was a little disappointed after hope of getting a churchplant off the ground right away seemed premature. But again, God came through with encouragements. After having a short-term team come and help with an English camp at a local school, the numbers of the English club at my house swelled from the previous max of 8 up to 24 and fears that numbers might go down since we weren't quite prepared for that many students proved unfounded as we had even more the second week!

Eliphant climb

Early morning on Monday the 5th September, Jeff Callow and I, Bruce, drove to Phattalung with a desire to find a spot to train the leaders who would be helping lead at Adventure Outreach "Master Class" camp taking place in two weeks time in the basics of rock climbing. The spots we found were not ideal and so we went to inquire at the local council if they knew of any possibilities. 

Very quickly we were escorted into the the Mayor's office and offered water and coffee...