Krabi Boats 8

Exit to go and make disciplesMy oldest son, Nathan, and I were in Nepal recent for a trek in the Himalayas. Our last day in the country was a Sunday, so we decided to find and attend an international church in Kathmandu. Looking on the web, we found a church near our hotel and saw that the church started at 10 am. Perfect. As we arrived though, we were puzzled by the lack of people around. "Is there a church here we asked?" "Yes," was the reply, "but we meet on Saturdays - but you can go up and pray if you like." Of course! The weekly day off in Nepal is Saturday, not Sunday, so this church meets on Saturdays.


My son and I had a good time praying, reading the Word and praising God together that morning. But the thing that struck me was the sign over the exit to the church sanctuary. "Exit - To Go and make Disciples of all the Nations." 

This is something we should always consider when leaving a church. We may enjoy uplifting times of worship together, warm encouragement and listen to challenging sermons, but when we walk out the doors, we are God's ambassadors in a world that doesn't alway acknowledge it's creator.

So remember this sign - and remember your responsibilities as you walk out through the doorway...