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resetAfter being away for 10 days with team retreat and holiday, we came back to do Easter outreaches but had to cancel because Steve ended up in hospital with a heavy case of the flu. Thai New Year and 2 family funerals back to back took us away from Phrom Khiri for 2 more weeks; Covid outbreaks then came to Phrom Khiri, causing local people to be afraid of us coming to visit during the month of May. All of the sudden, we found that there were a number of people we hadn’t seen for over 2 months! Was this all just coincidence or was God saying something to us in all this?

Toon runs for charity1,413,000,000 Baht! This was the amount that Artiwara Kongmalai (also known as Pî Tôon) collected through donations to help 11 hospitals across Thailand in 2017. He was already well known as the vocalist for the rock band “Bodyslam”, and also for having run 400 kilometer to raise donations for a hospital in Prachuap Province. After this achievement, his goal became much greater: Run across Thailand from the extreme south to the extreme north in 55 days. Through this brave and challenging act, he was able to raise 1,413,000,000 Baht, equivalent today to more than 45 million dollars. During the entire period of preparation and execution, Thai people's admiration and gratitude towards this man was evident, creating songs in his honor and being called by many as "hero". (Click "Read more" to read more...)

steven fishingAfter being in Australia for quite a while, I've found that the Australia accent and slang have rubbed off on me more than usual. Now that we are back in Thailand, some of my co-workers have been working hard to decipher my Australian vocab at times. There are some Australian-isms that are very helpful in communicating Gospel truths, though - including a number of the songs by Australian singer / songwriter Colin Buchanan. One of his songs goes like this:
   "Be like a fisherman.
   Forgiveness is the bait.
   Burly up with godly love and be prepared to wait.
   Some folk aren't drawn to Jesus, so just leave that bit to him,
   But when they bite - whoa! - reel them in."

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While on holiday over the new year, I was able to take time and reflect back on all that God had been doing in Maila in 2019. Things were looking good: Bruce was preaching more at our local church, I was leading a weekly bible study at this church before the service which was well attended, the ladies group that I met with weekly were growing in their interest in the gospel and were even starting to talk about attending church and Tayo was on the cusp of accepting Jesus, with a genuine heart to serve the Lord.