Krabi Boats 8

Toon runs for charity1,413,000,000 Baht! This was the amount that Artiwara Kongmalai (also known as Pî Tôon) collected through donations to help 11 hospitals across Thailand in 2017. He was already well known as the vocalist for the rock band “Bodyslam”, and also for having run 400 kilometer to raise donations for a hospital in Prachuap Province. After this achievement, his goal became much greater: Run across Thailand from the extreme south to the extreme north in 55 days. Through this brave and challenging act, he was able to raise 1,413,000,000 Baht, equivalent today to more than 45 million dollars. During the entire period of preparation and execution, Thai people's admiration and gratitude towards this man was evident, creating songs in his honor and being called by many as "hero". (Click "Read more" to read more...)

Watching the documentary “2215” – the total distance in kilometers traveled by him – I couldn't help admiring his achievement. Seeing the real story of people who have benefited from the donations he made is thrilling. But the question that remains as a reflection after this beautiful story is: What about after the race is over? And what about after the race of life for each of these people is over – what will happen?

We Christians may not have the condition, time or courage to accomplish a feat like this, but we have something with us that is much bigger than millions of dollars, and that can change the life of many not only here on earth, but also throughout eternity. Missionaries and especially Thai Christians need the support of the Church of Christ spread the Gospel throughout the world. Thailand is a wonderful country, with a very kind and charitable people, but who still need to know the One who did not run 2215km, but walked through thousands of villages, walked on the sea, healed many, died on the cross for our sins, and was resurrected on the third day. His life divided history between before and after Him, and still changes lives here on this earth for all eternity! Are we going to participate in this challenge together?