Krabi Boats 8

resetAfter being away for 10 days with team retreat and holiday, we came back to do Easter outreaches but had to cancel because Steve ended up in hospital with a heavy case of the flu. Thai New Year and 2 family funerals back to back took us away from Phrom Khiri for 2 more weeks; Covid outbreaks then came to Phrom Khiri, causing local people to be afraid of us coming to visit during the month of May. All of the sudden, we found that there were a number of people we hadn’t seen for over 2 months! Was this all just coincidence or was God saying something to us in all this?

We’re not 100% sure yet, but it seems that God may have been putting a reset on our ministry, to help us stop and re-evaluate ministry we are doing, to prune out less fruitful ministries and help us be more fruitful. One area it seems that God is pruning is childrens ministry, to have us focus more on reaching adults. God also freed us up to have time to learn about and begin engaging in online evangelism during this time. And, most important, God has been calling us to seek Him, to have greater focus on His word and prayer. Please pray that God will help us to be more and more in tune with Him and learn all the lessons He wants us to learn. What does God want to reset in your life?