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While on holiday over the new year, I was able to take time and reflect back on all that God had been doing in Maila in 2019. Things were looking good: Bruce was preaching more at our local church, I was leading a weekly bible study at this church before the service which was well attended, the ladies group that I met with weekly were growing in their interest in the gospel and were even starting to talk about attending church and Tayo was on the cusp of accepting Jesus, with a genuine heart to serve the Lord.

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One of our weekly activities here in Mai La is prayer walking. We pray for Mai La and talk with anyone we meet along the way. Last week we were welcomed by an elderly lady living on her own. One of the first things she said was how she wanted to go to the temple to talk to the Monks and make merit and shared how she was lonely. We used this as an opportunity to share with her about how God is always with us and we can pray anywhere. She listened to what we had to say, we prayed for her and then carried on our way. Near the end of our walk we met a friend of Trish’s. She asked where we were coming from, as Thai people do. We said we had been walking and blessing the community (more understandable than saying praying). The next day Trish met her friend for lunch and she said, “It’s good that you can pray anywhere”. The comments from these two ladies reminds me of all a relationship with Jesus has to offer, that the Thai people need that message and to be thankful for a God who is with me always “…and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”) Matt1:22.


MudguardIt is so easy to go through each day with monotonous repetition, fulfilling all the tasks and responsibilities we bear. Life is full of things that have to happen and its often difficult to add one more thing to our already busy schedules trying to achieve everything on our agenda.

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This previous Sunday while buying chicken from my usual seller I commented on the fact that the seller next to her was new. This is not an uncommon occurrence in Thailand as many Thai’s start-up a market stall, sell for a couple of weeks and then move on, but the previous market seller had been there for a number of years.