Krabi Boats 8

One of the things Mailaa Team try to do to help our community is to shop locally. Where possible we buy products from local sellers and not chain stores. This means that the funds given by our supporters not only provide for our needs but also contribute towards the needs of people in the Mai La community. This is even more important during the current economic downturn. People in our community were worried about the economy even before Covid-19 effected it. The economy in South Thailand was already depressed due to the low fruit and rubber prices and low rain fall. Covid-19 has only made things worst.


Also, there are many families in our community who had family members working in Tourist areas in the South. These family members are now unemployed and no longer able to provide support for elderly parents and children. Many have now returned to Mai La as it is easier to feed and to house people cheaply in our community. As many families have their own garden, neighbours share with one another and there are many things you can eat growing along the side of the road.

Please join with us as we continue to pray for the Lord’s provision for the Mai La community, particularly that the upcoming Mangosteen and Rambutan season would provide adequate income for many families and for the right amount of rain during the upcoming rainy season.

*The picture above is raw rubber