Krabi Boats 8

grandparents generationIt’s a phenomenon we see all too often. The desire to earn enough money for “the good life” forces many parents go away to work and leave their children in the care of Grandma and Grandpa, often for much of the childhood years. Just this morning we were reminded of this as we saw the daughter of the owner of the house we just moved into, 16 months old, being taken care of by grandma while mommy works far away. She’ll be back to visit in 3 weeks time.

Whenever we walk past, her expression is always melancholy as she looks out on the world. She and many other children in similar situations are often left under the “care” of Youtube or Tik Tok for long periods of time as the grandparents are often tired out easily or have things to get done.



This morning we invited grandma and grand-daughter to play on our front porch while Stephanie ate breakfast. After she got over her initial fear, “Alice” was soon smiling and was happy to be held by Angel.

Please pray that God can help us reach out to this Grandma and Grandpa generation and help them meet the heavenly Father who will never leave them. And please pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with the grandparents and the parents as well and help them to know that a little less money and a little more time and love is what their children really need.