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Aunty T and Aunty Khem

 Aunty T is an elderly lady with bad knees, who lives alone in a very simple house. I first met her when I was out prayer walking with my teammate. She was married but had no children and her husband died several years ago. After first meeting her, she seemed to be interested in hearing something of the gospel. I asked one of the church members to come and visit her with me as Aunty T often spoke in Southern Thai* so I was unable to understand everything she was saying.


The day Aunty Khem came with me to visit Aunty T. Aunty T told her all about how she had been awoken the night before by the sound of chanting monks. She realised that the sound was coming from the Buddha images in her house. She also said that same night her mother came and spoke with her, giving her encouragement. I was shocked and angry at how Satan had been at work and how he uses the people’s beliefs in Ancestor worship and Buddha images to turn people’s heads, so they are unable to see Jesus. We try as we could to share the gospel with her that day but her mind was very much as what had happened the night before.

After a couple of times visiting together, Aunty Khem and I have decided not to visit Aunty T regularly as she is not interested in hearing the gospel at this time. I will continue to visit now and then to drop off some food. Please pray for God to work in Aunty T heart so she might desire to know the truth.

*Southern Thai is a dialect of Thai spoken in the South of Thailand. Most Southern Thai people understand Central Thai as this is the official language of Thailand but many elderly only speak Southern Thai.