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thailand mourns small


I feel like Thailand has lost its colour.  I have lived in Thailand for over 16 years.  Normally, it is a place of colour, noise and smiles.  My Thai friends and neighbours love to wear bright colours and love loud music but since their beloved King died, they have lost their colour and many have turned down their music.  There is a sense of sombreness over Thailand.  Most people, including us, wear black everyday. Websites like "Google" have all gone black, white and grey in Thailand.  Phone apps like Line, are all in greyscale too.  Where there were once colourful pictures of the King all over Thailand, now they too are in black and white as a nation mourns its beloved King.


His Majesty King Bhumibol was the King of Thailand for 70 years.  There is no modern precedent for how Thai's shoud react and what they should do when faced with the loss of the King.   All those under 70 years of age were born under King Bhumibol's reign - they have known no other king.  They feel like they have lost Thailand's Father.  Many are uncertain as to what the future will be like.

So how do we respond?  We grieve with those who grieve.  We remember and celebrate all the good things that the King did for Thailand and taught the Thai people. We wear black, to show respect and to mourn with our Thai friends and neighbours.  We continue to pray for peace and a good future for Thailand....and we live out the hope we have and try to let Jesus shine in the darkness and sadness.  To bring hope in a country that has lost its colour.  In the midst of great sadness, loss and change, may Thai people know hope and peace in Jesus. May God bless Thailand and may he bless the royal family and comfort them as they grieve.