Krabi Boats 8

    After 8 months of language and culture study in Lopburi, in central Thailand, I wanting to find a nice way to say goodbye to Thai friends in my neighbourhood and surrounding community. I figured I'd make it the opposite of a house-warming party, maybe house-freezing (with ice cream!). In the end I chose to call it a Desserting Party, though the pun didn't translate so well in Thai (settled on หนีออกจากบ้านด้วยขนมหวาน).

   My original thought was to just have sweets, but as I talked to my Thai teachers and a couple other Thai friends, I discovered that this wasn't the Thai way to do such a party. It had to be the full meal deal! In the end, my teacher volunteered herself to do all the cooking for a very reasonable price. Another Thai Christian made up amazing invite cards. Some other missionaries baked up delicious sweets, one Thai Christian helped set up a tarp in case it rained and another Christian couple (who have a church in their home) planned games for the kids and provided Christian literature to give out.

   It turned out to be a great time of food, fun and friendship, with a little over 30 people (about 15 of those children) coming out. Not only was there opportunity for my neighbours to receive gospel in printed form but people also saw the body of Christ working together in loving action, something many people in Thailand have yet to see. Please pray that the seeds planted will continue to be watered and that the connections made will lead to people coming into Christ's kingdom.

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