Krabi Boats 8

A large part of starting a ministry is simply going out and building relationships with the people around you. And you never know where these relationships will lead to. It was about a year ago when I was simply sitting outside our house one day, a neighborhood girl named Fiw came up to me and asked me to teach her English as well as her friend. After setting up a time, Fiw along with other neighborhood children started coming to our newly formed English club a few days later. This Thursday group has included children from our neighborhood along with children from other areas who have heard about it. It’s been filled with English lessons, songs & games, and a bible story at the end. We have had up to 12 students come in a week.


And within a month another English group was started. You see, word got out that we were teaching English and a group of young ladies studying at the local technical college came to our door asking me to teach English. Thus our Sunday

English group also began. Each Sunday afternoon, 5 girls come over and we practice English conversations. It’s been my hope and prayer that as we have had these conversations, we can have deeper conversations ultimately pointing to God and His love for them. That has happened several times through formal conversation studies as well as informal through fun activities such as baking!