Krabi Boats 8

img 9233Thailand is a fruit paradise. The climate allows for wondeful ‘summer’ fruits all year round. Bananas, mangoes, pineapple, guava, and many other fruit, half of which I cannot spell since I’ve only seen them in Thailand and probably only know the Thai name.


Abundance though is not always a good thing. During our last few bible study sessions, Genine made some banana muffins with the few odd bananas we had lying around. We normally try to buy greenish bananas here because they literally ripen within ‘hours’, due to the temperatures and humidity.

After our host, a new believer learned that the muffins were made using  bananas, she generously gave us half a bunch of her own.   We graciously accepted and made another batch the following week. Well,  the following week we had almost an entire bunch to deal with. We had a lot more banana muffins coming our way. If only   we could use more  than just a few for each batch of muffins ????

Would you continue to pray for a bountiful harvest of ‘fruit’ as we sow the seed of the gospel here in Nakhon Si Thammarat.