Krabi Boats 8

IMG 2847 BWA few weeks ago I was visiting a Thai friend on a Tuesday morning. I don't generally go visiting in the morning, but this visit gave me a new insight into spirit worship in Thailand. Phi Saaw, my friend, was busy replacing her offerings of fruit and water on her many shelves of idols. Once she had refilled each glass with fresh drinking water, put new candles in front of each idol, she lit a number of incense sticks and prayed in front of each shelf.

One area did not have a statue or a photograph but she still refilled the water, lit a new candle, lit her incense and prayed. This area made me the saddest, it really made me aware of the hopelessness of serving and worship Spirits as I watched her praying to an empty wall. In her mind she was offering prayers to the spirit of her house to continue to protect her family and help her business prosper. She shared with me later that every Tuesday and Saturday morning she follows this ritual to ensure the safety of her family. I also learned that in many houses around Thailand, Tuesdays and Saturdays are the days to make merit to the gods of your house, this is the day that new food, etc will be placed on the Spirit houses and merit will be made

Then a week later our neighbours, who have not had a Spirit House outside their house, put up a brand new Spirit House and had a ceremony to welcome the Spirit. Once again I was reminded of the spiritual battle going on in Thailand and I was saddened to see the hope the Thai’s place in man made objects to protect them. The neighbours have built this Spirit house because a member of their family is not well and they were told that if they built a Spirit House she would get well.

Please pray with us for the opening of both these families eyes and hearts to the only God who is able to protect and heal them. May God use us to share His love and hope with these families and many others in Thailand. May we never grow complacent about the Spirit worship happening around us, may the many Spirit houses and temples we see daily bring us to our knees in prayer for our neighbours and friends who have yet to meet Jesus.